"Bridget Jones meets Sex and the City!"

Not Yet 40

The new series by Koryn Frost

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About The Series:

A warm, witty, and fiercely perceptive story of three thirty-somethings and their dreams and challenges as they look for love.

Fans of Jennifer Weiner and Bridget Jones's Diary will fall in love with Not Yet 40, a hilarious and true-to-life tale of three friends in Boston.

With powerful observation and laugh-out-loud hilarity, Koryn Frost takes readers into the lives of these unforgettable women as they navigate their perilous 30s.

Frost delivers a wonderfully tender character study of this delightful trio: Maria, a high-powered, trash-talking attorney and single mom; Jessica, who's been trying unsuccessfully to ditch her boring boyfriend; and Susan, who can only seem to attract the attention of one guy -- her gay best friend.

If you enjoy frank, funny women's fiction, you won't want to miss Koryn Frost's Not Yet 40.

About Each Episode:

Not Yet 40 is a new series from Dunster Press. Each episode is about 30 pages long and provides a satisfying story you can read in a single sitting, with a plot and characters you can follow as the series continues.